IRS Now Looking to Hire Armed Agents Across America

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Due to a recent budget windfall, the IRS’s Criminal Section is reportedly looking to employ people who are proficient with weapons as enforcement actions are anticipated to expand in the coming years.

The job application link indicated that there are around 360 openings for the role in about 250 locations across the United States and that pay for the post vary from $53,900 to $94,200.

In order to investigate financial crimes, candidates for the special agent position—the only one at the IRS where agents are allowed to carry guns—should be able to combine their accounting and law enforcement expertise.

The IRS is hiring as it prepares to increase its staff over the next ten years thanks to the $80 billion windfall provided by the Inflation Reduction Act.

The extra funding, according to Biden administration officials, would make it easier for IRS employees to help taxpayers and companies that are trying to file their taxes correctly.

The increased resources would not be used to raise audit rates for people earning less than $400,000 annually, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said.

The White House’s proposed federal budget, which was unveiled last month, would provide the IRS an additional $43 billion windfall.

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  1. They are being hired to crush the black market in real money that will develop to protest Biden’s E currency

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