Shocking Video Shows Man Sneaking up on Female Police Officer and Breaking a Bottle Over Her Head

[Photo Credit: By Elvert Barnes - 40.GayPrideRally.NYC.28June2019, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=80136217]

An attacker is seen striking a New York City police officer in the head with what seems to be a glass bottle in a horrific event that was captured on video.

According to ABC 7, the anonymous police officer and her colleague were performing an inspection while standing outside a smoke business in the Bronx. Jose Garcia is seen approaching the unidentified female officer from behind, taking out a bottle from his hoodie pocket, and hitting her in the head with it.

A guy who cannot be named pulls Garcia away from the officer and pushes him to the ground after he goes for the male cop who is standing next to the victim.

After hitting an on-duty police officer in the head with a bottle, Jose Garcia, 45, was detained and charged with assault, obstruction of government administration, resisting arrest, threatening, unlawful possession of a weapon, and harassment.

Garcia reportedly has 11 previous arrest records.

The incident comes in the midst of a major crime wave in the city, which has seen crime increase significantly since 2019.

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  1. Their Soros DA has probably already released him ROR. As long as they are confident that nothing can happen to them, this demographic will continue to attack again.

  2. ELEVEN previous arrests, for what, and how many convictions? IF he is really ‘mentally challenged’ as his dad claims, WHY is he allowed to roam around freely? Maybe Alvin can tell us……………..

  3. It’s a shame we didn’t get to watch those other cops kicking that fool’s ass all over the street!

  4. It’s New York. What did you expect, Justice for the officer? The perpetrator will be out on the street in no time. After all, he probably didn’t mean anything. He just wants to go to jail so that the state will support him, but the state is smart. They have no intention of supporting him, so they will release him as soon as possible. Perhaps they should jail the DA. Then this insanity might stop.

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