United Nations Issues Report Demanding Sexual Relations With Minors be Decriminalized

[Photo Credit: by The White House]

In spite of international bans on such behavior, the United Nations is now reportedly attempting to normalize sex with children, claiming in a study that such relationships may be viewed as consenting.

The research affirms that persons under the age of 18 have the mental capacity to voluntarily have intercourse with older people, however it stops short of advocating for the legalization of sex with minors.

The North American Man-Boy Love Association, which supports pedophilia and wants to repeal age-of-consent regulations, is one organization that appears to share the same philosophy as the U.N. report.

The study is causing concern among academics who claim that the UN is pushing a woke philosophy that has long been on the outside of society while attempting to mainstream teenage sex.

The research also calls for widespread decriminalization of sex offenses in other places.

Commentators on social media spoke out in outrage against the report’s suggestions:

No recommended age for sexual consent is given in the paper.

According to the commission’s website, it was published on March 8 in honor of International Women’s Day and makes the connection between women’s rights and the legal age of consent to have sex.

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  1. The U.N. is a pox on decency and now supports everything that it was originally set up to prevent. With no decent leadership anymore from the United States, the U.N. is free to follow whichever regime can take control while our leader hides in his basement eating an ice cream cone.

  2. There are not words to express the depth of my loathing for all these perverts, who seek to destroy children’s lives for their own gratification. I know Yhwh God loves them too, but He HATES what they do, even more than I do. Such evil is beyond comprehension.

    • Perverts are taking over the world, satan is running rampant on the earth to kill and destroy and he is doing a good job.

  3. If any congress person has any guts, they will immediately defund the World the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

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