Pelosi Demands Biden Cut Israel Off From Future Weapons Transfers

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Representative Nancy Pelosi, one of the Democratic Party’s most senior figures, has now reportedly joined forces with other congressional Democrats in a letter addressed to President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The letter called for a cessation of weapons transfers to Israel.

The Israeli military’s offensive in Gaza, prompted by a recent attack by Palestinian group Hamas, has faced growing global condemnation.

The Gaza health ministry has reported a devastating death toll of over 33,000 people, while the region grapples with severe food shortages.

Backing from Pelosi to halt the shipment of weapons to Israel indicates that this perspective is gaining more and more traction within the party.

In a recent letter, it was emphasized that the Biden administration should take the initiative to investigate the Israeli airstrike that tragically claimed the lives of seven individuals working for the aid group World Central Kitchen.

The call for an independent probe highlights the importance of seeking the truth and ensuring accountability.

In light of an investigation into the tragic deaths of aid workers, the Israeli military has taken decisive action.

Two officers have been dismissed and senior commanders have been formally reprimanded.

The inquiry revealed significant errors and breaches of procedure that cannot be overlooked.

During a recent call, President Biden conveyed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the importance of prioritizing the protection of civilians.

He emphasized that unless Israel takes further action in this regard, the United States may consider adjusting its policy.

According to Israeli tallies, the attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7 resulted in the tragic loss of 1,200 lives.

Israel’s recent military operation in Gaza has resulted in the displacement of almost the entire population of 2.3 million people. This has sparked allegations of genocide, which Israel vehemently denies.

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