Ukraine Attacks Russian Oilfields as it Continues to Falter on Battlefield

[Photo Credit: By Mil.gov.ua, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=59381477]

Ukraine has reportedly intensified its assaults on Russian oil refineries, in an attempt to deal a blow to Moscow’s primary source of income.

According to the British Defense Ministry, Ukraine’s forces have targeted oil refineries within Russia multiple times during the ongoing conflict, resulting in minor disruptions to Russia’s refining capacity. In the month of March, Ukraine reportedly executed five successful strikes on multiple oil refineries.

According to experts, the oil refinery attacks would have to intensify in order to have a significant impact on the ongoing conflict.

In recent months, Russia has gained an advantage on the battlefield, as Ukraine as run out of both men and ammunition.

Recent attacks have reached deep into Russian territory from Ukraine, resulting in some damage to the country’s oil refineries. However, Moscow has been able to swiftly repair the targeted facilities.

According to a report from The Financial Times in March, the United States has privately advised Ukraine to refrain from targeting oil refineries.

This advice stems from concerns about the impact on gas prices and the potential for a stronger military response from Russia within Ukraine.

Ukraine finds itself in a more defensive position on the battlefield as 2024 grinds on with many observers pessimistic about their future prospects.

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