New Poll Shows Americans Rebelling Against Radical Transgender Ideology

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According to a study conducted Nov. 10–Dec. 1 by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation, the majority of Americans reportedly disagree with the concept that a person’s gender may differ from their sex at birth.

The survey indicated that 43% of respondents felt gender might be different from one’s sex at birth and that 57% of adults believed gender was defined by sex at birth.

Other talking points put up by transgender activists were largely rejected by respondents, who also opposed hormone therapy for minors, participation in sports based on gender identification, and teaching gender identity to young children.

However, the majority of respondents—between 65% and 71%—said they were in favor of laws that forbade discrimination against transgender individuals in employment, housing, healthcare, insurance, and other sectors.

According to the study, participants were overwhelmingly in favor of “gender-affirming” therapy for kids but against hormonal therapies administered to them while under medical care.

In addition, most respondents (77% from kindergarten to third grade, 70% from fourth to fifth grade, and 52% from middle school) opposed instructors talking about gender identification in the classroom.

Only 36% of high school students were against these lectures, while 64% were in favor.

Between 62% and 66% of those polled agreed that males who identify as transgender girls and women should not be permitted to participate in women’s sports at the youth, high school, college, and professional levels.

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