Multiple Bodies Found in Mexico During Search for Missing American Tourists

[Photo Credit: By Ralf Roletschek - Own work, GFDL 1.2, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42533935]

Authorities in Mexico reportedly now believe they have located the remains of three tourists who went missing on a surfing excursion to Baja California last week.

74 miles from Tijuana, at the base of a precipice in the Mexican municipality, the lamentable find was unearthed while searching for the American and his two Australian companions who had gone missing.

Friday morning, firefighters and a search team from the anti-homicide unit arrived at the location where Jake Robinson, Callum Robinson, and Carter Rhoad were last seen in order to recover their remains.

The last time witnesses saw the men was in the La Bocana de Santo Tomás region on April 27, according to Mara Elena Andrade Ramirez, the prosecutor for Baja California.

Campbell, an American, accompanied Australian siblings Callum and Jake on their journey from San Diego, California.

Three vacationing surfers arrived in Ensenada Municipality, Baja, one of the most violent states in Mexico as a result of organized crime.

Callum and Jake’s mother, Debra Robinson, was among the initial two individuals to report her sons as missing.

The lack of arrival of the three surfers at their Airbnb accommodation throughout the weekend prompted concerns.

She documented the desperate search for her sons and their companion in an Instagram post.

Ramirez stated at a press conference on Thursday that during a search of the same area, police discovered the burning white pickup vehicle belonging to the tourists.

Additionally, they discovered tents purportedly belonged to the males.

Ramirez stated that all indications point to the surfers’ remains; however, US officials have yet to corroborate this.

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