Monty Python Star John Cleese States Unspeakable Truth in New Video

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In a recent interview, the British comedian and actor John Cleese advised that it is not taboo to assert openly that certain cultures are superior to others.

The remark was made by Cleese in an interview with a regional publication.

“Race doesn’t matter, but culture does.” Cleese stated.

“I think that some cultures are superior to others, and we should not be frightened to say so,” he said. “A society that goes in for female genital mutilation is abhorrent, and I happen to think that if people come to live in Britain, they should accept and adhere to our values.” he continued.

“I understand that some 20 percent of Muslims in the U.K. would like to see Sharia law, and I believe that’s wrong,” Cleese concluded.

This week, Cleese’s remark regarding his comedy prior to the stage adaptation of his “Fawlty Towers” also generated news headlines.

He adapted three episodes of a multiseason sitcom he created in 1975 into the drama. Because it contained alleged “racial slurs,” UKTV removed one of the episodes.

Cleese denied that the content in question was racist.

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