New Poll Shows More Women Now Concerned About Mass Immigration Than Men

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A growing proportion of American adults surveyed by Gallup have identified immigration as their primary concern for the third consecutive month.

This marks the first time in twenty-four years that immigration has remained at the top of the list for an extended period of time.

In addition, immigration is currently the most significant issue in the eyes of more women than men.

As of April, women were 31% more concerned about immigration than men, compared to 24% for men.

In February and March, males exhibited a greater degree of concern, increasing by 31% to 26% and 30% to 26%, respectively.

The percentage of respondents who were concerned about immigration rose from 20% in January to nearly 30% in February and March.

Americans’ foremost concerns in April were the economy, inflation, and the government, following immigration.

The growing apprehension among the public regarding immigration can be attributed to their discontent with the deliberate mismanagement of the border crisis by the Biden administration.

During the U.S.-Mexico frontier, authorities apprehended approximately 2.5 million unauthorized aliens in Fiscal Year 2023 alone.

Recent polling has consistently indicated that voters consider immigration to be a critical issue.

However, the development that women, who are crucial to Biden’s reelection prospects, are growing increasingly concerned about the matter is especially detrimental to his campaign.

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