Biden Has New, Creepy Interaction With Former Desperate Housewives Star

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At the White House on Thursday, President Biden reportedly gave actress Eva Longoria one of his signature lengthy and awkward embraces while making light of the fact that he first met her when she was a minor.

Longoria was at the White House for the South Lawn screening of “Flamin’ Hot,” her feature film debut.

In 2020, Longoria backed Biden. The “Desperate Housewives” actress has been friends with Joe Biden for at least ten years and joined him and former President Barack Obama on the campaign trail in 2012.

When Longoria was 17 years old, Biden would have been 50. She would have been seven years old when he was 40.

Longoria, 48, received one of Biden’s famous embraces as the 80-year-old held her close to him until Longoria retreated, removing his hands from her sides. As the embrace closes, the president’s hands almost touch her breasts.

Biden has a history of having awkward physical encounters with girls and women.

Political rivals of Biden are aware of his practice.

On Thursday, the quick response team for Ron DeSantis, a Republican governor of Florida and 2024 presidential contender, released a video compilation of Biden’s awkward interactions with women and girls.

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