Democrat Controlled Assembly Blocks Bill to Protect Kids from Human Trafficking

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A bill that would have classified child trafficking in California as a “serious felony” was reportedly defeated in the Assembly on Tuesday by the Democrat majority.

According to a tweet from state senator Shannon Grove, Senate Bill 14, which was sponsored by Grove, was defeated by the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

“After passing the Senate with a unanimous, bipartisan vote, I had hoped Democrats on the Assembly Public Safety Committee, led by Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, would agree to make sex trafficking of a minor a serious felony. I am profoundly disappointed that committee Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to support the bill, with their stubborn and misguided objection to any penalty increase regardless of how heinous the crime.” Grove wrote on Twitter.

“Human trafficking of children is a growing tragedy that disproportionately targets minority girls, and California is a hotbed because of our lenient penalties. The sad reality is that trafficked children on Figueroa Street and across California will continue to be raped and victimized until Assembly Democrats take action. Since the bill was granted reconsideration, I will continue to work with the committee and fight for Californians who are outraged by their decision.” she continued.

Democrats in the assembly reportedly couldn’t back SB 14, which would have changed the law to include “human trafficking of a minor” as a severe criminal.

The earlier version of the measure had full and bipartisan approval in the Senate.

According to Sen. Grove’s webpage, organizations including Concerned Women for America and Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted as a teenager, have backed the measure.

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  1. Figures — after all, the Democrat party is the party of slavery. Now, besides abortion, baby parts, child mutilation (oh, excuse me, I mean gender affirming surgery!), they can add child trafficking to the benefits they offer.

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