Top U.S. General Announces U.S. Running Low on Ammo Due to Ukraine War

[Photo Credit: By Mil.gov.ua, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=120143190]

According to Breaking Defense, the commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) warned Wednesday that ammunition stockpiles in the United States and its allies had reached a “dangerously low” point with no immediate indication that they would rise to a level that is acceptable.

At the Chief of the Air Staff’s Global Air & Space Chiefs’ Conference in London, Air Force Gen. James Hecker encouraged NATO partners to carefully consider weapons stockpiles and the number of fighter squadrons required to maintain a credible deterrent in Europe.

According to him, the military sector has not been able to meet the needs of American and ally forces or the vast thirst of the Ukrainian army for ammunition.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States has given Ukraine more than $41 billion in weaponry and other forms of military assistance.

For Ukraine to wage artillery-heavy conflicts, the Pentagon has removed more than 2,000,000 155mm artillery rounds, 7,000 precision-guided 155mm artillery rounds, 500,000 105mm rounds, and tens of thousands of shells from other munitions classes, mostly from existing inventories.

The recent decision by the Biden administration to include controversial cluster bombs in the most recent assistance package to Ukraine, which can be launched by the several 155mm American-made weapons that Ukraine controls, was motivated at least in part by a lack of substitutes among American stocks.

It is unclear when or if the United States will be able to replace the crucial ammunition.

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  1. This government under this fake president, is totally,incompetent,failure,disgraceful,to give cluster bombs that are outlawed, against us/allies,but we can use them.These fkg people running this war are idiots and morons.Tell them eneny your running out of ammo,how brilliant these generals and this idiotic,clueless,mentally unstable,leader that’s on another planet,I guess,he’s lost all the time.

  2. Planning Ahead seems to be on the “Proverbial Back Burner” in this Biden Administration” (If it can be considered an Administration) More thought
    concerns from Biden seem to be “Ice Cream and Vacation” along with “Social Issues like Identity Politics, Nature’s Climate habits, the destruction of C02(which plants and trees need to survive) Grooming Children of a “Tender age” and No Plans or consideration for Energy Independence( Which he would rather beg Foreigners for after insulting them on various levels) dividing America into “Splinter Groups” Racially, Ethnically, and in any way he can attempt to control as he is directed by his handlers. Talk to your Congressmen, Vote if you want to continue to have the Freedoms our Military fought and died for and Support our Military by Speaking Out while you still can

  3. Exactly what comrade Xi den wants; our heros in uniform out of all supplies, unable to fight. Funny thing though. I have 2 nephews that are career soldiers. The general consensus is that they DO NOT consider biden CIC and will not obey him.

  4. No nation would dare attack an ammunition starved America or engage American troops knowing the troops had inadequate military support or ammo to fight with….but Islamists would/will…

  5. many of the older generations with family members who served in the military will remember “loose lips sink ships” meaning inadvertently giving useful information to enemy spies. hells bells. these people are NOT inadvertently doing it. they are blatantly and proudly announcing it too our enemy’s.

    I am a 28 year retired member of the Military. I thought serving under Carter and watching obamas treatment of the military could not be any worse yet here we are.. the current President and senior military leadership are the worse. EVER.

  6. I don’t think the average guy/gal in the US fully understands the full implications of what this portends. What the article doesn’t mention is that the major and only US supplier of the powder used in High Explosive Munitions, GOEX (in Louisianna) has been shut down since 2021 following a catastrophic explosion. GOEX, has not reopened as of yet, and no timeline has been publicly addressed to reopen the plant.
    155mm shells consist of 4 main parts. The casing, fuse, propellant and the projectile. The projectile, what is shot at a target, is a hollow jacket, that typically contains a detonating fuse, and a quantity of Black Gun Powder, specifically formulated for use as an high explosive. All Blackpowder is classed as Explosive, rather than as the propellant Nitrocellulose Powder is classed as. Black Powder expands at a far higher rate than Nitrocellulose powders during deflagration.
    This means that even if sufficient shells are produced (cases, fuses, propellant and projectile jackets), a vital and key components that makes up the projectile, isn’t available to complete the projectile.
    What’s worse, is the Biden/Harris Administration, and the Pentagon, have known since the Factory’s explosion, that GOEX’s closing is a serious National Security Risk, and, in typical Biden fashion, ignored the problem. Biden’s done nothing to aid in getting the Factory open.

    This administration is a Clown Show, and has put the country at serious risk. The Dereliction of Duty Biden has displayed is Treason.

  7. Alot of selfish idiots will vote for Biden to get a second term. Democrats are buying votes by eliminating student loans. Flooding our country with illegal immigrants.so they can vote democrat Selling our oil out of petroleum reserves to China. Its America last with Biden administration & plenty of americans don’t care about this country they only want something for free. Plenty of qualified republicans could run this country, putting Trump as the nominee & his baggage, Biden will probaly win a second term, how sad………

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