Suspect Arrested and Accused of Being Notorious Serial Killer

[Photo Credit: by Tony Webster]

According to three sources with knowledge of the investigation, a man has now reportedly been detained in connection with a string of murders of women along Gilgo Beach on Long Island’s South Shore.

According to a fourth person with knowledge of the investigation, Rex Heuermann, an architect who spent the majority of his life in Nassau County and currently resides in Manhattan, was arrested in connection with at least part of the slayings.

By early Friday morning, police had surrounded his home on a block of First Avenue in Massapequa Park, and a flurry of cars and cops had gathered there.

A news conference was scheduled for 4 p.m., according to district attorney Raymond A. Tierney and other law enforcement authorities.

Residents were horrified by the crimes for more than ten years as corpse after body was found in the secluded location, which is 40 miles from Midtown.

In total, the area included the remains of nine women, a man, and a little child.

Investigators have been looking into whether one killer or several killers were responsible for the deaths for years.

The first instance that came to light involved Shannan Gilbert, a 24-year-old Jersey City, New Jersey, prostitute who was reported missing on Long Island in May 2010.

She vanished while working as an escort in the private neighborhood of Oak Beach, which is three miles from Gilgo Beach.

Three miles from the location of Ms. Gilbert’s last known whereabouts, Suffolk County police discovered four corpses wrapped in burlap seven months later along Ocean Parkway.

Amber Lynn Costello, Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Megan Waterman, and Melissa Barthelemy were recognized by DNA in 2011.

They were all escorts and in their 20s.

Later that year, they discovered Valerie Mack’s remains, a 24-year-old mother from southern New Jersey who had been missing for 20 years and had supported herself by working as an escort.

Mr. Heuermann, according to his neighbors, attended Alfred G. Berner High School and resided in the red, slightly dilapidated house that has been in the family for generations, standing out among the immaculately maintained residences on the block.

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