Judge Cannon Upbraids Special Counsel Jack Smith, Reveals Potentially Secret Grand Jury in the Process

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On Monday, the judge presiding over the criminal prosecution of former President Trump for leaking sensitive materials reportedly reprimanded the government and dismissed two of its pleadings.

On Monday, the federal court presiding over the secret papers lawsuit against former President Donald Trump dealt repeated blows to the work of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Southern District of Florida Judge Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over the case originating from a Miami grand jury’s indictment of Trump in June, refused the DOJ’s request for confidential documents and struck two from the record.

Cannon also pressed prosecutors for further details on why an out-of-state grand jury was still being used to look into the matter.

The special counsel had requested a hearing on defense attorney Stanley Woodward’s possible conflicts of interest, prompting Monday’s filing.

Woodward is not only representing a co-defendant in the case, Trump adviser Waltine Nauta, but also three potential witnesses.

Cannon extended the deadline for Nauta’s attorney to respond to the hearing request until August 17th.

She extended the deadline for the prosecution to submit a brief in support of the hearing until August 22.

About nine months before the trial is set to begin, the newest development in the case has occurred.

Before the Republican presidential primaries of 2024, Cannon scheduled the trial to begin on May 20.

Trump is facing 37 charges, some of which include conspiracy to obstruct justice, false statements, and the deliberate retention of national security secrets. In his court appearance, he pled not guilty.

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