REPORT: Gunmen for Mexican Cartel Cross Border and Elude Capture on Biden Admin’s Watch

[Photo Credit: By Jonathan McIntosh - US Immigration Checkpoint, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=64261817]

A new round of criticism of the Biden administration’s management of the southern border was reportedly brought on by a story over the weekend about alleged cartel gunmen sneaking into the country illegally and evading capture.

The incident was first reported on Tuesday by Bill Melugin, a national correspondent for Fox incident, in a post on X that featured blurry, black-and-white photos of men carrying firearms and sprinting through a bush.

“Per law enforcement source, a group of suspected cartel gunmen armed with rifles & body armor were seen on cameras crossing illegally into the Fronton, [Texas] area in the [Rio Grande Valley] Saturday night. Elite Border Patrol BORTAC agents were called out & searched [the] area, but found nobody,” Melugin wrote in a post to X, the online platform formerly known as Twitter.

Agents from the Border Patrol, including members of the agency’s BORTAC tactical team, were sent to the area but made no discoveries. Five alleged Northeast Cartel members were apprehended there by law authorities in June.

The most recent incident occurred only days after Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) drone operators in Eagle Pass observed an armed smuggler leading a group of illegal immigrants over the Rio Grande when he was at Eagle Pass with a long rifle.

A number of Republican politicians and others commented on the post when it immediately gained popularity and attacked the Biden administration for not doing enough to safeguard the border.

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