REPORT: Chinese Military on Cusp of Creating Hyper Powerful Super Weapons

[Photo Credit: By Air Force Research Laboratory, Office of Public Affairs Photo]

What might be a significant advance in energy weapon technology has reportedly been announced by the Chinese military.

Representatives from the nation’s National University of Defence Technology claim to have created a cutting-edge cooling system that would reportedly enable high-energy lasers to be cranked up infinitely without becoming too hot.

According to the source, the new Chinese cooling system would utilize gas that is blown through the weapon to remove extra heat and enable guns to discharge accurate laser beams for an extended period of time without losing strength or becoming distorted.

Despite the fact that laser technology has been available for a while, these high-energy beams frequently malfunction because to the excessive heat they produce, which has hampered earlier attempts to develop comparable weapon systems throughout the world.

These lasers might be used to fire down satellites like those offered by Elon Musk’s Starlink system in addition to offering an allegedly less expensive alternative to conventional missile systems because it won’t require conventional explosives.

Although it has experimented with similar technology before, the U.S. and its allies currently are far behind the Chinese military if the reports of a breakthrough turn out to be true.

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