Rashida Tlaib Gets Blasted by Wall Street CEO Who Claims She Wants ‘Hell for America’ After Asking an Absurd Climate Change Question

[Photo Credit: By World Economic Forum - Flickr: The Global Financial Context: James Dimon, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24119663]

Radical Squad Member Rashida Tlaib got blasted by the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Diamond, after she attempted to get him to agree to an absurd climate change proposition.

Tlaib, who is one of only two Muslims in Congress, has long acted as a left-wing provocateur during her time in Congress and has supported abolishing the U.S. Border patrol as well as boycotting the state of Israel.

On Wednesday Tlaib tried to make the heads of top U.S. banks agree to stop funding the U.S. fossil fuel industry during a congressional hearing, a suggestion that was bluntly and brutally rebuffed by Diamond:

“You have all committed, as you all know, to transition the emissions from lending and investment activities to align with pathways to net-zero in 2050… So no new fossil fuel production, starting today, so that’s like zero. I would like to ask all of you and go down the list, cause again, you all have agreed to doing this. Please answer with a simple yes or no, does your bank have a policy against funding new oil and gas products, Mr. Diamond?”

“Absolutely not, and that would be the road to hell for America” Diamond curtly shot back.

Befuddled by Diamond’s directness, Tlaib tried to attack him with a flaccid left-wing talking point:

“Yea. That’s fine. That’s fine. Sir, you know what, everybody that got relief from student loans has a bank account with your bank should probably take out their account and close their account.”

Tlaib then asked the other bankers about their plans, to which they all said that they will continue to invest in oil and gas as well as alternative energy initiatives.

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