Foreign Intelligence Agency Admits to Secretly Running Hundreds of Far-Right ‘Extremist’ Accounts Online

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According to a disturbing new report, German Domestic Intelligence agents have, for years, been operating a secret campaign online in which they have operated fake social media accounts pretending to be right-wing extremists.

In addition the agents have been accused of inciting and promoting the very kind of hate and violence they claim to be attempting to monitor and suppress.

According to an article in the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) claims that these accounts are somehow necessary to adequately monitor the extreme right, but others contend that they may also be supporting and actively fostering the very extremism they claim to be fighting.

According to the newspaper’s analysis, the authority has spent substantially on “virtual agents” since 2019, activities which it funds with taxpayer dollars. Both the German federal government and the federal states employ spies, who are entrusted with monitoring left-wing extremists, Islamists, and the conspiracy theorists in addition to alleged ‘right-wing extremists.’ However, the BfV’s activities in running hundreds of right-wing extremist accounts have come to light at the same time that Germany’s left-wing government has decided to label so-called ‘right-wing extremism’ as the country’s biggest threat, despite data showing that left-wing extremists and radical Islam pose far greater dangers.

Germany’s progressive regime has also released a ’10-point-plan’ to fight ‘domestic extremism’ in a very similar manner to the Biden Administration in the U.S.

Germany’s new administration has adopted a hard position against online anonymity and free speech, targeting applications such as Telegram, which is one of the very few internet companies who publicly continue to back free speech. Every year, the German government files thousands of hate speech lawsuits against the members of the general public.

There remains little to no oversight of the activities carried out by German agents online.

The real question though is whether such activities will eventually be implemented in the United States by the Biden Administration in the name of ‘fighting extremism.’ Of if perhaps they already have.

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