France Bans Sale of New IPhone Over Radiation Concerns

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France has now reportedly prohibited the sale of the popular iPhone 12 because its radiation levels exceed the safe limit.

The country’s radiation authority, ANFR, has ordered Apple to remove the model from store shelves.

Following a series of tests, ANFR determined that the smartphone’s Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) was slightly above the legal limit, France’s deputy minister for the digital economy told Le Parisien.

Apple stated that it had already provided the agency with multiple lab results conducted by the company and independent third parties that demonstrated the device’s compliance with applicable SAR regulations and global standards, refuting the agency’s claims.

The company stated that it was contesting the AFNR’s review results and would continue to collaborate with the agency to prove the phone’s compliance.

According to the ANFR, SAR is a measurement of the rate of energy absorption by the body from the source being measured.

The measure was effective from Tuesday, with the regulator adding it would ensure the product is no longer offered for sale in all distribution channels in France from that day forward.

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