Ray Epps Charged With Rioting Over January 6th Involvement

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Ray Epps, the controversial figure at the center of many far-right theories about the events of January 6th, has now reportedly been charged with rioting due to his involvement in the events of that day.

Ray Epps has been charged with unruly or disruptive behavior in connection with the disturbances on January 6.

The Department of Justice prosecuted Epps, 61, yesterday for his role in the US Capitol brawl.

On restricted grounds, he has been charged with one misdemeanor count of disorderly or disruptive behavior.

In his complaint against Fox News, the former marine stated that he anticipated to be charged in connection with the attack.

According to his lawsuit petition in July, he became the subject of many conspiracy theories following statements made by the network’s former host Tucker Carlson.

Carlson, who was fired in April, accused Epps of being a “federal agent who assisted in the staging of the insurgency.”

He made the remarks on Tucker Carlson’s late-night show.

Tonight, following the release of a video showing Epps pushing others to join him in entering the Capitol.

Thousands more who congregated on the prohibited grounds were not charged unless they engaged in aggravating behavior, such as assaulting cops or destroying property.

Epps was seen on film inciting people to travel to the Capitol and was just recently charged, months after others were implicated in the investigation.

The delay in charging led to speculation that he was an FBI informant intended to incite the disturbance.

He is also shown attempting to de-escalate tensions between cops and protesters before being shown with his hands on a Trump sign that had become encroached upon by rioters.

Epps has since claimed that conspiracy theories about his actions during January 6th have ‘ruined his life.’

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