Ukraine Suspends Transgender Spokesperson After They Made Unhinged Threats Against American Civilians

[Photo Credit: By President Of Ukraine from Україна - Culture and cinema cannot be outside politics when it is a policy of aggression - address by the President of Ukraine to the participants and guests of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=129082995]

Following remarks made by the transgender former US soldier threatening to “hunt down” detractors of the US role in the Ukraine war, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo has reportedly now been placed on administrative leave while an inquiry is conducted.

Formerly known as Mike, Ashton-Cirillo is a 46-year-old biological man from Florida who has been working as a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces.

Ashton-Cirillo has grown a significant social-media following online through constant anti-Russian and anti-conservative posts. In addition to openly bragging about Ukraine’s ongoing assassination campaign against Russian civilians, Ashton-Cirillo has also made threats against American civilians who have been critical of continued U.S. support for the Ukrainian regime.

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