REPORT: American Tourist in Cancun Left for Dead After Being Robbed, Attacked with Machete

[Photo Credit: By Ralf Roletschek - Own work, GFDL 1.2,]

American tourist Dustan Jackson was visiting the popular Mexican tourist destination of Cancun, Mexico when he had a terrifying brush with death he’ll likely never forget.

While waiting for their flight home at the end of what seemed like a perfect vacation Jackson decided to quickly head to a local store to purchase some chewing tobacco, little did he know then that the cab he hailed to take him out for the rudimentary errand was far from what it seemed.

It turns out the Taxi driver was part of an apparent plot to kidnap unsuspecting tourists, rob them and leave them for dead and that’s exactly what happened next to Jackson.

“I get out, and I’m like ‘Ok,’ and then as I’m walking in it’s boom, lights out and the next thing I know I’m waking up in a ditch,” he said while recalling the harrowing incident.

A group of armed men attacked him, robbed him and then apparently tried to cut his tendons with machetes to ensure that he would be crippled before leaving him in a ditch to die.

“They went to cut my Achilles tendon, and they missed and instead of hitting it, they hit the bottom of my foot and then my foot just flapped around…They were trying to cut all my tendons and leave me for dead.” Jackson said.

Jackson was left in the dark, with severe injuries from the machete wounds, somewhere in the Mexican countryside.

Jackson unfortunately didn’t know Spanish and then spent hours trying to get help to little avail, even at one point being turned away by Mexican police before finally being helped by a female police officer.

Jackson was forced to undergo four different surgeries to recover from the attack and now is forced to live with permanent physical damage, however he remains thankful just to be alive.

“I take the little times in life, I don’t take them for granted anymore” he said.

Mexico has spiraled out of control in recent years, as crime and violence have surged as powerful cartels have begun wage war, against each other and the government, for control of the highly profitable drug trade.

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  1. And Americans still give them our dollars! The last time I was there, approximately eight years ago was the last time I have been and would never, ever go again. Even Acapulco is a mess!

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