Would be Mass Shooter Mysteriously Found Dead at Amusement Park

[Photo Credit: Toshihiro Matsui]

Early on Saturday morning, authorities discovered a Colorado man dead at an amusement park, appearing to have committed himself.

He had an AR-style rifle, a revolver, body armor, a helmet, and simulated explosives in his car.

Before the amusement park opened for the day on Saturday, maintenance workers discovered the 20-year-old guy dead in the women’s lavatory at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, according to Vallario.

The individual, whose name remained undisclosed, was dressed in black tactical gear that the sheriff’s office characterized as “bearing patches and emblems that gave the appearance of being associated with law enforcement.”

Investigators are unsure of the man’s intentions or motivations, and according to Vallario, there is no history or obvious cause for alarm from friends or relatives.

The individual was wearing ballistic helmet and body armor, and he carried an AR-style rifle with multiple magazines and a semi-automatic handgun with multiple magazines.

“I am not a killer” and “I just wanted to get into the caves” were written on a wall in the bathroom where the man’s body was discovered, according to Vallario, who told reporters that he had only seen pictures.

According to him, the guns looked to be “ghost guns,” which are handguns without serial numbers that are built at home using kits.

Approximately 10,000 people live in the Rocky Mountain town of Glenwood Springs, which is 120 miles west of Denver, and is home to the amusement attraction Glenwood Caverns Adventure attraction.

It has caverns and exhilarating rides.

The park’s website states that the caves go above 16,000 known feet.

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