REPORT: US Considering Sending Troops to Gaza as Part of ‘Peacekeeping’ Force

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According to those familiar with the situation, the US and Israel are now reportedly considering their options for the Gaza Strip’s future, which may include forming a multinational force that might include US troops in the event that Israeli forces are successful in driving out Hamas.

According to the sources, the talks have been prompted by the pressing need to devise a strategy for Gaza’s future in light of the commencement of a ground assault.

A third alternative would temporarily place UN supervision over Gaza, while a second would create a peacekeeping mission based on the one that now monitors an Egypt-Israel peace accord from 1979.

The individuals discussing the sensitive topic, who want to remain anonymous, emphasized that the conversations are still in the early stages and that a lot might change.

When he informed a Senate panel on Tuesday that the US was considering a number of possibilities for Gaza’s future, Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a suggestion about the challenge.

Although Israeli officials have stated time and time again that they do not plan to conquer Gaza, they have also stated that they cannot tolerate Hamas’ continuing authority in the wake of the October 7 massacre, in which the group murdered 1,400 Israelis and captured over 200 more.

Furthermore, there is less proof that Gaza could be seized by the Palestinian Authority, which controls the West Bank. The US and the EU have classified Hamas as a terrorist organization.

One possibility is to establish a peacekeeping force that would be based on the Multinational Force and Observers organization, which patrols the Sinai Peninsula and upholds the conditions of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel.

According to someone with knowledge of the situation, Israel thinks this concept merits examination.

However, it would once again put U.S. troops directly in harms way in yet another Middle Eastern conflict. A prospect which may not go over well with many American voters.

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