REPORT: Church That Employs Warnock May Soon Get Hit With Subpoena

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According to a new report from The Washington Free Beacon, the Georgia Office of Secretary of State is considering issuing a subpoena against Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock relating to illicit business involving his church.

The potential subpoena is linked to the church’s failure to reply to an Oct. 12 inquiry regarding its charity registration.

Authorities are considering whether to issue a formal subpoena against the Ebenezer Building Foundation if it does not reply when a Georgia state investigator sends another investigating letter, according to a source.

Though it is still unclear when the second letter will be sent, the officials involved apparently anticipate doing so in the coming days.

The Securities and Charities Division of Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office reportedly directed the foundation, which is administered by Warnock’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, to respond to its original letter by November 2 or face consequences.

The potential of an investigation subpoena against Ebenezer’s charity by the state of Georgia might cause further complications for Warnock as he begins his runoff campaign against Republican Herschel Walker.

If Republicans win in Arizona or Nevada, which are still tallying ballots from Tuesday’s election, the Dec. 6 runoff will determine which party controls the Senate, giving it immense political importance.

The church, reportedly pays Warnock a tax-free housing allowance of $7,417 per month.

Warnock’s links to his church’s dysfunctional and scandal ridden low-income apartment building dogged him throughout his Senatorial campaign.

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