Apartments Owned by Warnock’s Church Cited For Major Housing Code Violations Over Out of Control Rats and Mold

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According to a new report from the Washington Free Beacon, Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) church-owned low-income apartment complex has been repeatedly slammed with many Atlanta city housing code infractions for mouse and bug infestations, toxic mildew, and overflowing garbage rooms.

The Atlanta Police Department’s Code Enforcement Section records present a dismal picture of the housing complex’s living conditions, demonstrating that the issues extend back to at least 2016 and were deemed significant enough for the city to act on several different occasions.

Columbia received at least four housing code infractions between 2016 and 2019.

The city of Atlanta received tenant complaints regarding mice, roaches, and bugs infestation at Columbia Tower in August 2016. Inspectors discovered that the unit was infested with insects and issued a citation to Columbia for a housing maintenance violation.

After several complaints concerning water leaking, floods, and overflowing trash outside the building drawing rodents, the city issued another code violation notice against Columbia two years later.

In October 2019, a renter reported to the city that he had been suffering with a bug infestation for eight months and was experiencing health issues as a result of the overflowing rubbish outside his unit.

In June 2018, Columbia received another violation notice after a renter complained about water pouring through her walls.

In September 2019, the city issued another housing violation ticket to Columbia, including images of black mold developing in a closet, water damage, and dead bugs.

Warnock is set to face GOP nominee Herschel Walker on Tuesday in a contest to determine who will hold that state’s Senate seat, a seat currently held by Warnock.

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