Shocking new Yale Survey Indicates That Over Half Of Americans Now Believe Civil War is Imminent

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A new survey from Yale has now revealed that more Americans than ever before are now both comfortable with political violence and also expect it to continue in the near future.

The nationwide survey was conducted May 13 to June 2, 2022; all the participants were adult members of the Ipsos KnowledgePanel.

The survey indicate a continued alienation from and skepticism of American democratic society and its institutions.

In addition, the survey also found that significant minorities of the population support the use of violence, especially fatal violence, to achieve political goals.

The survey included a massive 8,620 respondents throughout the country.

Among some of the more surprising findings:

-40 percent of respondents said that having a strong leader was more important than having a democracy.

-50.1% of respondents believed that the U.S. will experience a civil war within the next few years.

-12.2% of respondents were willing to commit political violence themselves by intimidating a person, 10.4% to injure someone, and 7.1% to kill someone in pursuit of their political goals.

The jarring results come as political violence has become more and more normalized across the political spectrum, perhaps most notably by the violent political assaults, arsons, and vandalism or left-wing groups like antifa, who played a key role in the mass violence that occurred in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

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  1. So, 60% think that we have a Democracy, huh? Well, we don’t. Additionally, we never have had one. Our country was set up as a Constitutional Republic, AFTER the founders discussed & rejected creating a democracy.

  2. This could all change with a world war. Could our governments around the world be implementing this in their summits?

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