New Poll Shows Trump’s Lead Over Biden Growing

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In a prospective 2024 presidential matchup, former President Trump extended his lead over President Biden to four points, according to a new poll.

The Emerson College Polling survey, which was published on Wednesday, indicates that Biden’s support has decreased from 45 to 43 percent, while Trump’s support remains at 47 percent.

Approximately 10% of respondents to the survey were undecided.

Incorporating a third-party candidate, such as Jill Stein, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., or Cornel West, into the hypothetical scenario decreased support for both Trump and Biden and increased the number of undecided voters, according to the survey.

Biden was in the lead over Trump at this time last year, according to a report by Emerson College, which makes Biden’s decline in support noteworthy.

The decline in support for the president was most pronounced among female electors.

Additionally, the survey revealed that Biden lost the support of voters of color. An 11-point decline was observed among Hispanic or Latino voters compared to a 15-point decline among Black voters.

Pollsters also discovered that the president has lost 13 points among voters under the age of 50 and 16 points among four-year college graduates.

Voters are, on the whole, enthusiastic regarding the 2024 presidential election. A mere 36% responded that they were not.

The new survey, which was conducted among 1,475 registered electors from November 17-20, has a 2.5 percentage point margin of error.

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