Piers Morgan Claims he Was ‘Backstabbed’ By Anderson Cooper While he Was at CNN

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This week, TV star Piers Morgan reportedly claimed that Anderson Cooper of CNN betrayed him while he was there, adding that the network is “a lot less friendly” than Fox News.

The network, which has undergone multiple changes in the past year, did not appear to benefit from CNN’s anti-Trump refrains.

“When I was at CNN, it could be a lot less friendly than Fox. A lot more back biting, a lot more backstabbing, actually, in some cases — don’t wanna mention names, but Anderson Cooper knows where he is. And I found that Fox — I found that Fox is a different atmosphere by contrast.” Morgan said.

In particular, CNN+, the network’s streaming service, barely existed for approximately a month before being discontinued in April of this year due to extremely poor ratings and subscribership.

According to a CNBC article, the program was bringing in less than 10,000 viewers each day and only managed to sign up about 150,000 people, well short of the two million members CNN wanted to attract.

High-profile journalists, columnists, and contributors like Brian Stelter were also fired by CNN CEO Chris Licht in recent months as he seeks to try and desperately save the struggling media giant.

The network’s president also changed CNN’s schedule.

He switched Don Lemon’s morning program from a primetime schedule to one with two.

It remains to be seen whether the drastic changes will help the network’s abysmal ratings.

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