Portland Reportedly Sets Shocking New Records in 2022 as Violent Crime Surged

[Photo Credit: By K. Kendall from Portland, OR, USA - Capt. Sara Westbrook, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=64198606]

With more than 90 documented homicides so far, the city of Portland has now reportedly officially broke its previous homicide record for the second consecutive year in a row as crime continues to surge massively.

According to a new report, the city is also now debating a plan to install contentious gunshot detection equipment in the five most violent Portland areas due to the unprecedented crime surge.

In 2022, overall violent crime when averaged together climbed only a small amount, but between January and October, property crime in the city surged 16% over the same period in 2021.

Numerous companies have left the area as a result of thefts, vandalism, and dangerous and threatening experiences with a mass number of homeless and mentally disturbed individuals.

According to Portland Police Bureau data, police response times to emergencies have reached absymal levels not seen in at least a decade.

The typical high-priority call received by the department is now reportedly taking more than 20 minutes longer than a similar response in October.

Police have attributed the issue to a lack of employees, but the bureau may soon get some respite. According to the agency, the number of sworn members has increased to 804 from a low of 773 in September.

In spite of the overwhelmingly bad news a few hints of change were visible by the close of 2022.

Jo Ann Hardesty, a far-left city commissioner, was defeated by voters in favor of Democrat Rene Gonzalez, whose campaign headquarters had suffered two acts of vandalism in the months leading up to the election at the hands of far-left radicals.

Portland residents also decided to restructure their governance by eliminating the city’s commission system and more than increasing the number of City Council members.

And the City Council enacted a ban on street camping in November as the ongoing homeless issue drove locals and business owners to breaking point.

The council authorized spending $27 million from the municipal budget to establish designated outdoor camping spaces for the homeless.

As campgrounds are constructed, the restriction will gradually take effect over the following 1.5 years.

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