Biden Administration Policies Potentially Placing Migrant Children in Homes of Sex Offenders According to New Report

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According to a startling brand new Senate report, the Biden administration’s efforts to create a more compassionate immigration policy are causing it to inadvertently give migrant children over to American adults who have not submitted to criminal background checks.

Due to this, those children are now more open to a range of negative and harmful experiences of victimization, such as living with registered sex offenders or being given into the custody of parents who have a history of neglecting children.

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs report, from Sen. Rob Portman and Republican colleagues, provides a horrifying picture of how the Biden administration has bungled its policies on the southern border.

Many unaccompanied alien children who enter the custody of American officials are now given over to adults in the United States without any vetting, the report claims, in an effort to reverse Trump administration policies that President Joe Biden described on the campaign trail as cruel and inhumane.

Biden has made it a top goal to roll back the aggressive immigration policies of his predecessor.

Shortly after, the Biden administration began prioritizing the identification of adult caregivers in order to prevent putting children in holding centers or sending them back to their home countries, which led to the practice of waiving background checks for individuals who take in immigrant children.

In the fiscal year 2021, HHS transferred approximately 73,000 unaccompanied immigrant children to sponsors, but less than 6,500 checks with state child abuse and neglect registries were made, according to the study.

Federal regulations during the Biden administration state that authorities may still deliver a child to a potential sponsor even if the sponsors in question decline to submit to a background check.

The federal government conducted fewer child abuse and neglect checks in 2021 than it did in the previous fiscal year, despite a record number of unaccompanied immigrant youngsters crossing the border in that year.

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