Elon Musk Suspends Notorious Left-Wing Journalist Taylor Lorenz From Twitter

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A notoriously left-wing reporter for the Washington Post Taylor Lorenz, has now reportedly been suspended from Twitter by Elon Musk.

In a Substack article, Lorenz said that Twitter CEO Elon Musk had a direct hand in her abrupt suspension.

She also claimed that she has never violated Twitter’s terms of service.

In the brief post, Lorenz claimed that at the time of her suspension, her account had only three live tweets, two of which included links to other social media accounts and one of which was a message to Musk himself.

Lorenz said that she and her colleague Drew Harwell were “working on a piece concerning Musk and were trying to elicit [a] reaction from him.” Harwell, who was also banned by Musk earlier in the week, was also mentioned by Lorenz.

A few journalists from the Washington Post, CNN, New York Times, and other newspapers were controversially banned by Musk earlier this week after he claimed they had given links to his real-time whereabouts, which the Twitter CEO referred to as “assassination coordinates.”

Despite receiving heavy criticism for the prohibitions, Musk originally stood by his choice. He declared that the journalist will be barred from the stage for a week.

After some time, Musk modified his strategy.

Two polls were started by the CEO of Twitter asking people if he should let those who had been banned back in.

Musk respected the outcome after 3.7 million respondents said they should be reinstated.

The head of Twitter continues to criticize journalists and laments how releasing real-time information puts him and his family in danger.

Lorenz previously doxxed the name of well-known right-wing Twitter user Libs of TikTok and most recently made waves for criticizing a coworker over a post stating people shouldn’t be frightened to leave their houses due to COVID worries.

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