Conservative Superstar Jordan Peterson Predicts Totalitarian Woke ‘Social Credit’ System on the Way in the U.S.

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Jordan Peterson, the famous anti-woke conservative and Canadian psychologist, reportedly warned western nations that a totalitarian social credit system was “very plausible” to arrive in their communities.

Peterson recently asserted in an interview with Australia’s Sky News that the COVID-19 pandemic regulations and limitations put in place by western countries may pave the way for an automated social credit and “digital passport” system that would jeopardize citizen liberties.

He added that the majority of the populace is unaware that it may occur.

When the host of the conversation asked Peterson whether he believed measures introduced during Covid were the first steps toward establishing a social credit system, Peterson quickly answered in the affirmative:

“Oh, yes, definitely. Yeah, that’s highly probable.” Peterson said.

“They won’t even notice. You can’t believe how much people don’t know these things.” He continued after being asked whether he believed such measures would be accepted by society.

“You can see the signs of this everywhere, when you go through airports now, there’s a lot of automated barriers – you show your passports. Well, these are automated barriers, what if you can’t go through them? Well, that’s the situation for many people in China. What are you gonna do? You gonna argue with the machine?” He added later in the discussion.

“Imagine how screwed you are! It’s way worse than anything Kafka ever imagined. Cause at least with Kafka, there were bureaucrats. Faceless though they may have been, there were at least still human. Once the machines can lock you out, you are in such trouble.” He continued, emphasized the true terror such a situation could develop into for normal people in Western countries who have grown accustomed to taking freedom for granted.

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