Former Chef for Obama White House Claims Supermarket Staples Like Chocolate and Rice to Disappear in the Future

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

According to a prominent liberal chef and activist who worked in the Obama White House, everyday food goods Americans know and love will become so scare in 30 years or potentially even less that they will be luxury items.

The chef claimed that this shortage would be due to necessary measures that will be taken to fight climate change.

Sam Kass, the White House senior policy adviser for nutrition, mentioned rice, coffee, wine, and chocolate as examples of popular food staples that might become rare in the next decades.

Kass made the strange remarks during a recent dinner event that was put on to promote regenerative agriculture.

Kass collaborated with major food brand Knorr last week to host a “$500 Dinner,” an event in New York City that was meant to highlight dinner table staples that are allegedly in jeopardy unless regenerative agriculture practices are widely adopted.

Such methods. according to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, focus on a nebulous “holistic approach” to farming in order to foster “sustainable” food systems.

The dinner event commemorated World Soil Day, which was observed on December 5. According to HOLA! USA, participants were offered meals that combined rice with shrimp and truffles.

A supper like this would cost $72 now, but $566 in 2050, according to Kass.

Kass was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2017.

Kass also stated during the event that he wanted to make rice a feature of the meal because it is widely popular across the world and also a large emitter of greenhouse gases, making it a prime candidate to be extremely rare in the future.

In the past, climate activists have targeted beef and other meat for their alleged contributions to green house gas emissions, seeking to ban or otherwise curtail their use.

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