Former CNN Producer Pleads Guilty to Horrific Crime

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According to a new report, a former CNN producer pleaded guilty in federal court on Monday to using interstate commerce to compel a 9-year-old girl into engaging in sexual activities with him.

John Griffin, 45, reportedly enticed a woman he met on a website to bring her child to his ski chalet in Ludlow, Vermont, to participate in sexual activities in 2020.

He reportedly paid the woman to travel from Nevada to Boston’s Logan Airport, where he picked them up and transported them to his Vermont home.

Griffin was arrested on three different child sex charges on December 10, 2021.

Griffin was a producer for CNN’s now-defunct “New Day” show for eight years.

Following his arrest, the network promptly fired him.

Griffin, 45, faces up to life in prison and a sentence of up to $250,000. His sentencing date is set for March 2023.

According to a federal indictment, the Stamford, Connecticut, resident coerced parents into allowing their underage daughters as young as seven years old to participate in sexual activities in his Vermont ski house.

Griffin will also be obliged to engage in a sex offender examination and register as a sex offender.

He is prohibited from having any contact with children unless accompanied by a responsible adult, and he is also prohibited from being near schools and other places where children are present.

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