Top Biden Official Reportedly Hid Info About Meetings With Soros and Hillary

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According to a new report, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler allegedly removed any mention of a meeting with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as of a meeting he had with far-left billionaire George Soros, from his public calendar.

According to the stunning investigation, Gensler’s public schedule only shows a staff meeting on Aug. 7, 2021, but his secret calendar showed he actually met with Hillary Clinton that day.

In addition, on August 20, 2021, his public schedule displays a meeting with Soros, but in the process hid what the meeting was actually about, which was allegedly to discuss a future Wall Street Journal op-ed the business billionaire was going to publish and the talking points of which Gensler would later promote.

The monitoring organization Energy Policy Advocates received Gensler’s private calendar, which revealed the anomalies, and shared it with Fox News Digital.

After pursuing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the organization was able to finally get the internal records that showed the truth behind Gensler’s schedule.

In 2016, Gensler, a former Goldman Sachs executive and Obama administration official, served as Clinton’s chief financial officer.

In April 2021, the Senate confirmed him to chair the SEC, shortly after President Biden appointed him to the high-profile role.

Archived versions of Gensler’s public calendar also indicate the SEC obscured meetings with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Washington, D.C.-based consultant Minyon Moore, a former White House staffer, in September 2021.

Business organizations and Republican politicians have previously chastised Gensler for promoting extreme progressive initiatives such as a climate disclosure regulation that would force publicly listed corporations to report carbon emissions data and other climate statistics.

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