Biden White House Makes New Demands on Israel as Gaza War Against Hamas Drags on

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According to two U.S. and Israeli officials, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of the war cabinet on Thursday that Israel’s conflict in Gaza must transition to the next phase of lower intensity “within weeks, not months.”

The Biden administration has expressed its support for Israel’s stated objective of expelling Hamas from Gaza and has endorsed Israel’s response to the October 7 attack.

However, the White House is facing increasing pressure from both domestic and international actors to demand an end to the conflict in Gaza.

In the twenty-first century, the civilian mortality toll in Gaza surpasses that of all other conflict zones, including the Ukraine conflict.

The transition to lower-intensity combat, according to Biden administration officials, will reduce the danger of regional conflict, increase the amount of humanitarian aid that can enter Gaza, and reduce civilian casualties.

Sullivan exerted pressure on Netanyahu and the war cabinet members regarding the schedule and specifics of preparations pertaining to the commencement and nature of the low intensity phase of the conflict.

Sullivan stated that the Biden administration intends to advance toward a more serious discussion of post-conflict matters, emphasizing that doing so will facilitate continued U.S. support for the military operation.

Conservatives have continually criticized the Biden administration for its pressure on Israel to end its war on Hamas early, especially in light of the details of the attack of October 7th.

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