Christian Veteran Decapitates Statue of Satan Erected in Iowa Statehouse

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A military veteran claims to have severed the head of a statue on exhibit at the Iowa State Capitol by The Satanic Temple (TST) on Thursday.

Earlier in December, TST erected a statue depicting Baphomet, which consisted of a goat’s head and the remains of a human form, in opposition to the Nativity scene that was also on exhibition at the state capitol.

Former Navy aviator and Christian Michael Cassidy described himself as the individual who severed the statue’s head and discarded it in a trash can prior to pleading guilty to the authorities.

Cassidy, who ran for the Mississippi House of Representatives in 2022, was allegedly charged with criminal mischief in the fourth degree, and the Iowa chapter of The Satanic Temple reportedly intends to pursue charges.

Davis Younts, an attorney and retired Air Force lieutenant colonel with prior service in the JAG Corps, is representing Cassidy.

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