Antifa Rioters Attack Office Buildings, Set Police Cars on Fire in Atlanta

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What began as a peaceful demonstration against the murder of a Georgia-based activist reportedly became violent Saturday evening in downtown Atlanta, with protesters hurling bricks at buildings and setting fire to police cars.

Protesters gathered in Underground Atlanta on Saturday to call for an investigation into the murder of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, a 26-year-old far-left gunman killed by Georgia State Troopers during a sweep at Intrenchment Creek Park on Wednesday. The Atlanta Public Safety Training Center is slated to be built in that location.

Teran, according to investigators, did not comply with joint task force directives and shot first at a trooper.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation published a photo of the pistol they say they found on Teran on Friday. Ballistic investigators connected that pistol to the bullet that injured the trooper, according to officials.

On Wednesday, seven persons were detained and charged with domestic terrorism.

For approximately an hour, individuals clad in black marched along Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta seeking ‘justice’ for Teran. The group then quickly began attacking office buildings and police vehicles in the area.

Several of the rioters were apprehended by police.

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