Hundreds of Workers Reportedly Laid Off at Factory Producing Bud-Light Due to Anti-Woke Backlash

[Photo Credit: By Renjishino - Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4573195]

Hundreds of employees have reportedly lost their jobs at two glass bottling factories as a result of the recent reaction that Bud Light has experienced over its choice to collaborate with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney for a marketing engagement, according to a new report.

An worldwide glass producer named The Ardagh Group made the announcement that it would close a factory in Wilson, North Carolina, this month.

The Wilson plant has 400 employees.

According to reports, the business also intends to shut a 245-person facility in Ruston, Louisiana.

Since the Mulvaney issue broke out in early April, Anheuser-Busch has lost billions of dollars in market value.

New data released late last month reveals that weekly sales for Bud Light have continued to decline, falling 26.8% for the week ending June 10.

Internal corporate records from mid-May, which NBC affiliate WRAL News received, said that the firm was closing the manufacturing lines “due to slow sales with Anheuser Inbev,” the parent company of Bud Light, even though the company could not provide a precise explanation for why the factories were closing.

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  1. Maybe employees of these leftist woke companies, such as Anheuser-Busch that bottles Bud Light, have learned to try and work for better companies that just manufacture and sell a product while staying out of politics. Such employees only have themselves to blame when they get laid off. It used to be thought that how a company is run, along with the quality of the product(s) sold, was the most important thing in marketing and earning a profit. Right now pushing a political agenda is the woke thing to do, and this only loses customers and market share.

  2. The bottling companies should sue Anheuser-Busch for this travesty. I am sorry for those people laid off, but I doubt that things will get better for Bud-Light. They did this to themselves, unfortunately, innocents got caught up in their BS.

  3. I’m just curious why obviously normal (that is, sane) news outlets continue to cast Dylan Mulvaney as a “transgender influencer”, without the quotes. We all know that he is a he, not a she; we all know that NO ONE can be “transgender” as there is no such creature in the world. We need to refer to him & others like him, in truth. These people are in need of a mental health intervention, but since we don’t want to be cruel, we can refer to them as “cosplay males”, or “men in women-face”, or, for those females who “roleplay” as “cosplay females”, or a women in “man-face”, for example. These terms aptly describe what is happening without calling them mentally ill, which is what they really are. Just my $0.02…

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