Over 100 House Democrats Vote Against Deporting Illegals Convicted of Drunk Driving

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Despite passing with bipartisan support, legislation mandating the deportation of non-citizens convicted of DUIs was opposed by a majority of House Democrats on Thursday.

The Protect Our Communities from Drunk Driving Act was supported by 59% of Democrats and all 215 voting Republicans in opposition by just 15% of Democrats.

Seven legislators abstained from voting, consisting of three Republicans and four Democrats.

Other bipartisan bills pertaining to border security were passed by the Republican-controlled House this week; these bills are now en route to the Senate, which is controlled by the Democrats.

Members are currently preparing to address an impeachment resolution against Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas as early as the following week and are awaiting the unveiling of a border agreement that is currently being discussed in the upper chamber.

A bill is being considered that aims to implement additional sanctions for individuals involved in high-speed vehicle pursuits while evading Border Patrol agents within a 100-mile radius of the border.

An additional objective is to prevent non-citizens from seeking asylum in the United States who were complicit in supporting Hamas during the catastrophic assault on Israel on October 7th, 2018.

An additional effort is made to expel or ban any non-citizen who commits ID and Social Security fraud.

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