Maryland Federal Court Rules Parents Can’t Opt Their Kids Out of Radical Gender Indoctrination

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Thursday, a federal court in Maryland reportedly ruled that parents do not have the right to opt their children out of a curriculum that incorporates radical gender theory books.

The Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) stopped parents from choosing their children out of gender and sexuality education in March after introducing 22 new books with LGBTQ characters and controversial gender theory subjects to elementary-aged classrooms.

Many religious parents were outraged by the action, and Becket Law and they filed a lawsuit in May contesting the district’s choice.

Concerned parents asked for a preliminary injunction so they may choose not to have their kids participate in the LGBTQ curriculum when classes start the following week.

The district’s LGBTQ curriculum, which is meant to be taught to pupils in pre-k through eighth grade, makes mention of drag queens and sex transition surgeries.

The federal judge argued that the school district’s decision to outlaw the opt-out policy does not violate the religious convictions of the parents.

“The no-opt-out policy does not pressure the parents to refrain from teaching their faiths, to engage in conduct that would violate their religious beliefs, or to change their religious beliefs. The policy may pressure them to discuss the topics raised by the storybooks with their children, but those discussions are anticipated, not prohibited, by the parents’ faiths. The parents are not pressured into violating their religious beliefs in order to obtain the benefits of a public education.” the judge wrote.

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