REPORT: Kansas to No Longer Allow Residents to Change Gender on Birth Certificates

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Following the passage of a measure by Republicans that codifies the biological definition of woman in law, Kansas will now reportedly no longer let anyone to change the gender listed on their birth certificate.

After Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach filed a lawsuit to prevent state agencies from allowing those who claim to be transgender to be able to change the gender on public documents, the state’s health department was forced to abide by the law.

Following a legal battle, Kobach prevailed in court.

In order to comply with Kansas law, Kobach stated that he was “pleased” with the choice.

Following the passing of a new law, Kobach, the state’s top lawyer, filed a request in federal court in June to invalidate legal safeguards for gender marker modifications on birth certificates.

Sen. Bill 180, often known as the “women’s bill of rights” by proponents, was in disagreement with a 2019 state decision to provide updated birth certificates for Kansans who identify as transgender, according to Kobach.

Attorneys for the original plaintiffs claimed in court that the new law does not contradict with the consent decree since state agencies could continue to issue updated birth certificates and collect vital data in compliance with the laws.

However, a federal judge accepted Kobach’s request in late August, paving the path for the reversal of birth certificates.

Kobach has focused on the gender designations on driver’s licenses.

He submitted a petition to the Shawnee County District Court in July, requesting that the court direct the Kansas Department of Revenue’s Division of Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses that accurately reflect the sex of the applicant.

The justification behind the rule was that it was important to define women in terms of “biological sex” in order to protect them in settings like sports, locker rooms, and restrooms.

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