Armed Man Impersonating Law Enforcement Arrested at RFK Event

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

At a Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. campaign event on Friday, an armed man posing as a U.S. marshal was reportedly arrested, the candidate reported.

Kennedy claimed that on Friday at a campaign event in Los Angeles, a man approached him with two holstered weapons, a U.S. Marshals badge, and a federal identification card.

The individual identified himself as a member of Kennedy’s security team.

Kennedy claimed that the man was recognized and detained by his security until Los Angeles Police came.

The man was arrested and charged with impersonating a federal agent, according to Los Angeles Police.

The individual did not brandish the firearm or make any threats to anyone at the event, according to the department.

It remains unclear if the man was planning on carrying out any acts of violence against Kennedy.

Kennedy has long lobbied for secret service protection, arguing that its denial is evidence that Biden is not seriously considering his main opponent.

Kennedy said that the Biden administration rejected his request for secret service in June.

Both Kennedy’s uncle and father were assassinated under mysterious and controversial circumstances.

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