Boebert Ex-Husband Admits he Was ‘Unfaithful’ to Conservative Congresswoman in Wake of Scandal

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) estranged husband reportedly pleaded with the public to be kind to Boebert in a social media post as she deals with the aftermath from a video showing her being ejected from a theater after she and another man were seen causing a disruption in the theatre while they also appeared to be making sexual advances toward one another.

Following Lauren Boebert’s apologies this week for the incident at the Buell Theater, Jayson Boebert sent out a message claiming that his actions “fell short of my values.”

Additionally, she said that she would not be going out with the man she went to the film with again, in part due to rumors that he was a Democrat.

Jayson frequently mentioned the “pain” that his acts caused his wife and how he “deeply regrets” them since, according to him, it caused their marriage to dissolve.

“Watching the attacks against Lauren, I feel the people should know the truth of our broken marriage and burden she has carried for too long. I want to start out by acknowledging that Lauren has always been an exceptional wife, mother and now grandmother. She has provided me with love, support, and honored me through every misstep.” Jayson Boebert wrote in a Facebook post.

“I was unfaithful to Lauren in so many ways. I should have always brought my best just as she did. My actions were selfish and thoughtless, and I failed to consider the consequences they would ultimately have on the person I hold dearest in my heart.” he continued.

“This has been a devastating divorce that I hold all responsibility for. It upsets me that everyone believes she left me over fame or a new lifestyle. That is far from the truth. Then again, most of what’s said about our family is untrue. Another battle we have faced together for too long. Much of this is on me because the problem starts at the root. I am the root.” he added.

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