Bill Maher Shreds Obama for Trying to Draw False Equivalency Between Hamas and Israel

[Photo Credit: By Center for American Progress Action Fund from Washington, DC, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3337481]

On Friday, liberal comedian Bill Maher criticized former President Barack Obama for his recent statements that equated the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas with Israel’s response, thereby whitewashing the terrorists’ crimes.

Obama stated in a podcast appearance that “no one’s hands are clean; to some degree, we are all complicit.” He added that everyone would be required to “acknowledge.”

“I must say I am struggling with people’s moral equivalency, still. I mean, Barack Obama, who has rarely disappointed me, did so this week. I mean, his statement. I mean, it’s not a horrible statement. But he said, if you want to solve the problem, then you have to take in the whole truth and then you have to admit nobody’s hands are clean.” Maher said.

“There’s a big difference in collateral damage and what Hamas did,” Maher continued

“So people say, ‘Oh, wow, big of them,’ Okay. But it is a war that the other side started. So interesting when they fire at Israel, it’s a war, and when Israel fires back, it’s a war crime. A little crazy. So — and also, would Hamas do that? Would they give [a] four hour pause? No. No pausing.” he added.

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